Figueroa and Ceja fight to a draw

Figueroa and Ceja fight to a draw

Brandon Figueroa and Julio Ceja fought to a split draw on the same card featuring Leo Santa Cruz and Miguel Flores fighting for the World Boxing Association (WBA) Super World Super Featherweight Title. After twelve rounds the judges cards read 114-114, 116-112 for Ceja, and 115-113 for Figueroa.

Brandon Figueroa went into the ring as the owner of the Super Bantamweight belt of the World Boxing Association (WBA). During Friday’s weigh-in, Ceja was above the 122 regulatory pounds (marked 126.5) and for that reason he did not have the right to fight for the championship.

This was, however, considered as a defense for Figueroa since he did make weight for the contest. But it marked a blemish on his record – although it was a thoroughly entertaining contest with both fighters throwing many punches – combining for over 2800 punches total.

There is no shame in Figueroa’s performance, however, because Ceja did have a large weight advantage and the 22-year old Figueroa and his team decided to go through with the bout anyways.

The bout saw both fighters fighting from the inside and throwing punch-for-punch in a highly entertaining slugfest that no doubt will have a rematch, as both fighters indicated after the fight.

With the draw, Figueroa’s record is now 20 wins, no losses, 1 draw, and 15 wins coming via knockout. Ceja, on the other hand, now has a record of 32 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw, and 28 victories coming via knockout.

Santa Cruz grabs his 4th divisional World Title with the WBA belt