Athletes closed the exceptional Preparatory Campus that was carried out by the World Boxing Association in a week of sweat and learning, in order to contribute to the work of those selected athletes who are training to join the pre-Olympic games in March. Our objective is to empower and enrich the training and their physical stamina with the clear message that together all our goals can be achieved. More than 100 athletes from 11 teams coexisted from February 1 and there was a total of 80 fights.

The WBA FUTURE CHAMPIONS finished with 20 fights at the Coliseum of Combats of the Atanasio Girardot stadium in Medellin city, Colombia. Boxers showed to be very excited for these ten days of meetings and exchange:

“It was a great experience that has exceeded all my international journey, this is unique since the project is new and provides a lot of value. Personally, it made me grow a lot, especially when sharing with other athletes who also are looking to qualify for Tokyo. I feel that we all showed the sports fraternity.” Lucia Perez from the Argentinian team.

“Having 11 countries with different cultures in one place has been a very positive experience. Every boxer was able to share their experiences, as well as show their knowledge during the fights.” Raul Ortiz, the Colombian National team coach.

“It was an amazing experience. Throughout my career I always said that I wanted to face the best boxers and this friendly competition made me desire it more and got me closer to my Olympic dream. This has just begun. I took the learning of being in a three-minute rounds fight for the first time and now I’m part again of the World history: a World champion faced an Olympic champion. For me it was beautiful.” Yesica Tuti Bopp, professional boxer, world light flyweight champion, reflecting on her participation in the Future Champions.

The Italian boxer Clemente Russo was awarded with a WBA belt for his great achievements: if he qualifies it would be the fifth time he participates in an Olympic Game and would achieve a Guinness World Record since he would reach the maximum number of times a boxer has participated in the most important sport event.

63kg Leodan Pezo (PER) vs Jonathan Miniel Murillo (PAN) GPP

69kg Jimmy Brennes (NIC) vs Jakhongir Rakhmonov (UZB) GPP

91kg Lucar Jaime (PER) vs Azziz Abbas Mouhdine (ITA) GPP

60kg Erica Anabella Farias (ARG) GPP vs Melanie Brisa Ubriaco Morotto (URU)

51kg Irismar Del Valle Cardozo (VEN) vs Yesica Bopp (ARG) GPP

69kg Nicolas Pereyra (URU) GPP vs Omar Rosario Garcia (PUR)

75kg Salvatore Cavallaro (ITA) GPP vs Cristian Valero (COL)

57kg Krisandry Yusbeidy Rios Ojeda (VEN) GPP vs Monica Victoria Da Silva Hernandez (URU)

60kg Kiria Tapia (PUR) GPP  vs Alison Karelys Castro Castillo (ECU)

52kg Ramon Quiroga (ARG) GPP vs Roberto Carlos Cuesta Correa (ECU)

75kg Diego Motoa (COL) GPP vs Bryan Polaco Ojeda (PUR)

52kg Johan Vargas Pitalua (COL) vs Miguel Antonio Ramos Gonzalez (VEN) GPP

69kg Lucia Noelia Perez (ARG) vs Atheyna Bylon (PAN) GPP

57kg Mirco Jehiel Cuello (ARG) GPP vs Jhoinner Alejandro Bonilla Martinez (VEN)

81kg Ramon Corrales (COL) GPP vs Matias Mora (URU)

57kg Yilmar Gonzalez (COL) GPP vs Lucas Alezander Fernandez Garcia (URU)

63kg Brian Cristopher Perez (URU) PPP vs Aaron Aponte (ARG)

63kg Jose Viafra Fori (COL) GPP vs Asadkhuja Muydinkhujaev (UZB)

57kg Yeni Arias (COL) PPP vs Ashleyann Lozada Motta (PUR)

57kg Francesco Maitta (ITA) GPP vs Daniel Felipe Vernaza Martinez (COL)

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