Fuzhou 2019 was a success for the WBA

Fuzhou 2019 was a success for the WBA

The 98th Convention of the World Boxing Association (WBA) this week was a complete success thanks to all the work done during the meetings for the immediate future. With exceptional guests and a great atmosphere, the city of Jiangxi Department hosted the WBA and was filled with boxing for several days.
Various forums and meetings were held with the purpose of improving and making this sport a much fairer activity to protect boxers.

Among the decisions taken in the last few days, the Directorate defined several important issues during its plenary assembly. Among the most important issues is the change on the designation of “Champion in recess” to “Inactive Champion”.

A sanction fee will be set for the right to call a Purse Bid and the inactive boxer will not be able to request a Bid when he returns to action.

It was decided that regional directors should submit a three-year work plan (2020-2021 and 2022), which should include a KO Drugs and activities of the newly approved WBA Academy. Directors will receive by mail the draft agreement approved at the convention so that they are aware of all that is required in their plans.

In 2020 there will be three directorate meetings, to be held in Medellín, Managua and Africa. Dates for these meetings will be determined at such times as members deem necessary.

The next calendar will be very important as far as events and activities are concerned, as the WBA will begin to warm up the 100-year anniversary in 2021. Different events, such as a KO Drugs in Nicaragua, will serve as a prelude to the great 2021 that awaits the body.

New committees and work teams were also created in various areas, including communications, to handle institutional relations and events.

Another important committee is the Quality Committee, that will be responsible for evaluating the proposed and approved fights so that they are as competitive as possible to avoid dangers on the ring to the fighters.

The WBA also set the bases for amateur boxing and will search for the best way to contribute to the new chapter, aiming to do it in the most orderly way and with the experience of the best organization on the planet.

The WBA leaves Fuzhou pleased and is convinced that the convention has been a great success to improve and have a 2020 of prosperity and progress for boxing in all areas.

Important announcement

Important announcement