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Successful Summit of WBA-WBC-IBF

Successful Summit of WBA-WBC-IBF

Successful Summit of WBA-WBC-IBF. Photo Pepe Rodriguez/WBC

The president of the World Boxing Council (WBC), Mauricio Sulaiman , and President of the International Boxing Federation (IBF), Daryl Peoples , and executive vice president of the World Boxing Association (WBA), Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, successfully concluded the Summit of Presidents of global agencies sanctioning the sport of boxing, which was held during last Monday, June 23, in the conference room of the “Business Center” Grand Oasis Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Besides Sulaiman and Peoples presidents and vice Mendoza, also participated in this meeting, behind closed doors, managers Mike McAleenan (WBA), George Martinez (WBA), Miguel Prado (WBA), Rex Walker (WBC), Victor Silva (WBC), Alberto León (WBC), Juan Sanchez (WBC), Linda Torres (IBF) and Lindsey Tucker (IBF).

Among the most relevant agreements, the formula to unify the championships on the different categories in professional pugilism was sought, which would be put into effect from 2016.

“We are pleased with this meeting, there was a lot of will and commitment to each of the representatives; touch many topics and was very interesting, in addition to historical, “said Mauricio Sulaiman, who noted the presence of the local promoter, Pepe Gomez (owner of “Cancun Boxing”) as one of the leading managers to realize this memorable meeting in the history of professional boxing.

Next meeting will be in Playa del Carmen, in September
He added: We want to have an absolute champion in each division and is expected to happen in 2016; this is a process and every leader must have the support of the Board of Governors, these proposals were raised here in Cancun will be discussed with your people and we will meet again on 24 September in the framework of the “Convention of Women’s Boxing “to be held in Playa del Carmen, where concretaremos these purposes in common.

Other topics to be proposed at the Summit were certified gloves, pre-weighing 30 to seven days in order to have more control over the fighters as well as the issue of doping and growth hormone, which are problematic that have affected the professional boxing.

For his part, vice president of the WBA, Jesus Mendoza said: This meeting has been very positive, no youth, enthusiasm and desire, that is why we reached several agreements; from my point of view, the main objective is to create unity to confront the problems that threaten the pugilism.

Meanwhile, Daryl Peoples, IBF said: There are a lot of positive spirit, together for the good of boxing has generated a lot of good news, as Mauricio said, this is the beginning of a process that will serve to benefit our fighters and all fans of boxing worldwide.

While the promoter Pepe Gomez said, is a fact that this meeting be many productive outcomes for the fans and I hope that something big is going to happen next; is a privilege to have the presence of representatives of the major boxing organizations in the world, no doubt, Cancun has become the capital of boxing.

They infected with World Cup fever, the boxing officials and sports promoter one jersey of the Mexican National Soccer Team as a sign of support for the Tricolor set, he played and won his last game of the group stage of the World Cup Brazil 2014 got; with this ended the important summit.


  • Agreement in the names of the divisions so that all are the same.
  • Go to form committees to create communication between entities.
  • Certification gloves, processes and quality.
  • Problem of amateur boxing (AIBA) . Be created common to face front.
  • Official weigh 30 days, 7 days and the day of the fight, as security measures.
  • Instant Replay.
  • Problems in testing and antidoping growth hormones.
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