Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez: “I do not train for a good show, but to win”

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez: “I do not train for a good show, but to win”

Saul Canelo Alvarez I do not train for a good show but to winWorld Boxing Association super lightweight unified champion of, Mexican Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez made a public training for the press in his gym in Big Bear, California. There, he admitted to the media “I do not train to give a good show but to win”.

Sitting on the edge of the ring, escorted by Erick Gómez, Golden Boy Promotion SEO and translator for the champion, Canelo Alvarez said he feels confident with his weight for the September fight with the super Champ Floyd Mayweather Jr in Las Vegas.

Cameramen, photographers, microphones and recorders from the hands of the hundreds of journalists were all around the world champion, who always responded calmly to all the questions made regarding this great fight.

“I respect those who think that I am going to lose. That’s part of this, I have always despised, even from my rivals. Seeing things from the bottom of the ring is one thing but when you are in the ring it is different. They believe that I am slow and then when I move and win then they say that I surprised them”, replied to a questioning about who bet on his defeat due to its slowness.

Then he said “I’m fine with my weight, I am following a work plan, which is scheduled to arrive well on September 14. I believe in my work plan, and I am sure we will succeed, that doesn’t bother me at all.”

Canelo Alvarez said he is proud to be Mexican and prouder to fight in Mexico’s independence days, “to me that’s a great honor. I invite all my fans to join me on September 14 in Las Vegas where we hope to come out with the upper hand, at least for that hard work. ”

He repeated over and over again, at the repeated questions, he is calm with work plan established, “I’m ready for this fight, I’m aware of how important it is, and I’m eager to go up and into the ring. None of my other opponents were demanding but I’m sure Mayweather will be. ”

He was careful and had a calm tone when he spoke. He did not challenge nor hint feeling confident or superior than his next opponent. “Mayweather is a great fighter; I respect him as a professional, however, in the ring I do not respect anyone, not even myself.”

He claimed to have fun in every day of training, he did not consider it difficult at all, “what is difficult is to be away from my daughter so long but I think that it is worthwhile.”

Canelo Álvarez was blunt when saying he did not expect to win only the first rounds, “I have to win them all” y said “I expect to win convincingly so the judges do not have any doubt”.

He said he is not worried about how the fight with Mayweather will be, “that is my trainers’ work. We are working on speed, strength, intelligence and all that”.

When he was asked about his opinion on Mayweather’s opponent, he said without hesitation “(Miguel) Cotto won the fight, (Oscar) de la Hoya won the fight, at least I think so; and Jose Castillo fought him well but did not win. The problem is that everyone fell in Mayweather’s game and he took advantage. ”

A journalist said “Mexico is desperately seeking for a new idol after Chavez, is the Canelo that idol?” And Alvarez replied “I am not the one who should answer that question, I just train and step into the ring to be the best, I think about it all day from the moment I wake up till I go to bed, but that is the public to say, not me. ”

Canelo ended the session of questions reminding that he will be the winner of the battle and inviting everyone to witness it.

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