Everybody make the weight and ready for the KO Drugs in Kingston

Everybody make the weight and ready for the KO Drugs in Kingston

Rumble on JamRock will begin at 6:00 pm

WBA Press.  December 7.   All the stars of the KO Drugs Rumble on the JamRock fights that will take place on Saturday in Kingston, Jamaica complied with the official weighing and ready for the show at the National Indoor.

The protagonist of the main fight, the host Nicholas Walters made 124 2/4 pounds and his opponent, Colombian Daulis Prescott made 126 pounds. They both claimed to be willing to battle hard and win the bout.

“I am happy for this opportunity to fight at home, I am satisfied with my team and I am ready to win”, those were Walters’ words. He added “I am ready to be champion.”

On his part, Prescott said smiling, “the winner will be me”, he said he did not know his opponent, “but I will give everything no matter his style”.

New opponent for Malpartida’s defense
The Peruvian champion Kina Malpartida will defend her super featherweight belt with a new opponent, because her original opponent got injured. The Dominican Marilyn Hernández was chosen and approved by the WBA to fight for the title.

Malpartida stepped on the scale and marked 128.5 pounds; “ready to fight. I am grateful to Sampson for helping find a new opponent and not let me lose this opportunity to defend my title, but above all thanks to the WBA for give me this chance to continue being part of this organization.”

Malpartida disregards the setbacks she faced at the last minutes.  “We are fine, prepared and happy, and happy to give Peru the opportunity to be the champion.  I feel at home because a Peruvian colleague (Mauricio Reynoso) is here, as well as some Peruvian journalists, I am very happy”, she said.

Her opponent will step on the scale in Dominican Republic, in front of the local commission, and will arrive tomorrow to weight again before the WBA authorities in Jamaica.


Sánchez vs Villalobos go for the Super Bantamweight title
The boxers fighting for the WBA Interim Super Bantamweight title, Venezuelan Alys “La China” Sánchez and Mexican María Elena “Explosive” Villalobos passed without problems the weighing.

Sanchez was the first to step on the scale and marked 122 pound. Her opponent made 119 pounds.

“I am very happy to have this opportunity and I will not miss it. I am prepared to fight at any distance with any style, but above all to win. I don’t care if the fight the clash she wants” Sanches pointed out.

On the other hand, the Aztec stressed she is ready to fight, “prepared for everything and willing to give a good show as always.”

The last fight of the night will be between two Jamaican super welterweights. Rikardo Smith and Sakima Mullings, who marked 148 y 148,5 pound.

The Officials
For the main fight, Walters vs Prescott, the referee will be Rafael Ramos, while the scorecards will be in the hands of Octavio Rodríguez, Carlos Sucre and Gloria Rizzo. Aurelio Fiengo will act as supervisor.

Fort the Super featherweight fight, Malpartida vs Hernández, the third man on the ring will be Gustavo Padilla, while the officials will be Ignacio Robles, Aguilera and Ricardo Duncan. The supervisor will be George Martínez.

The Interim title fight between Sánchez and Villalobos will be directed by Uriel Aguilera, and will be scored by Gloria Rizzo, Padilla and Alex Marín. The clash will last ten rounds and Miguel Prado will be the supervisor.

Finally, the super middleweight Fedelating title between Reynoso and Barboza, will have Ramos refereeing and the three judges will be Marín, Duncan and Robles, José Emilio Graglia will supervise.

VIDEO: Weigh-In KO Drugs Jamaica 2012

VIDEO: Weigh-In KO Drugs Jamaica 2012

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