99th WBA World Convention

99th WBA World Convention

The World Boxing Association (WBA) Assembly agreed to hold an online convention on July 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th to kick off the celebration of the centenary of the world’s oldest boxing organization, which will mark 100 years in July 2021.

Gilberto Jesús Mendoza made important announcements during an online press conference

Gilberto Jesús Mendoza made important announcements during an online press conference

Gilberto Jesús Mendoza spoke to the international press about the balance of the World Boxing Association (WBA) 99th Convention, the decisions taken at it and various current boxing issues at an online press conference on Thursday morning.

About 50 journalists from around the world got connected to hear the WBA President’s remarks about the organization’s projects and what is happening in the international boxing world.

At the press conference, the first information given was the creation of a semi-professional tournament with a 21-22 age limit, to allow young professional boxers to fight in bouts of six rounds or less against amateur fighters.

Under the premise that “Boxing is one”, the WBA intends to continue moving forward towards the unification of both branches and the systematic development of boxing, one of the main topics of the 99th convention, held a week ago.

Another topic was the reactivation of boxing, which has had great advances in Europe and the United States, but in Latin America the situation and restrictions of different authorities have not yet allowed it.

“Our task now is to help and motivate promoters to make boxing events. We tried doing one in the Dominican Republic but in the end, it was not possible. We have also made moves to make fights in Colombia and Venezuela, but the situation has not allowed it”, said Mendoza.

Acelino Freitas, Director of the WBA Athletes’ Committee, attended the meeting and spoke about the online professional boxing talk he will be giving, along with the organization, on June 18th. Mendoza also announced the creation of the WBA-Brazil, an expansion project to the South American country that he hopes to carry out soon.

“I long for this to be over to travel to Brazil and meet with Acelino. We want to announce that we will create WBA-Brazil to work there and contribute to the growth of boxing”, said Mendoza.

Other important topics like today’s need for titles to help fighters and the Future WBA Champions program were also addressed at the meeting.

Mendoza regretted that the current situation has slowed down the “Future WBA Champions”, an amateur program the WBA planned to launch in other continents, but he assured that the plans are still in place and will be carried out as soon as possible.

The 99th Convention of the pioneer organization was a great event and generated great debates about boxing. The organization is proud to have been the first to hold an event of this magnitude online and to remain at the cutting edge worldwide.

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