Marcos Maidana Retires

Marcos Maidana Retires
Maidana may return, but he has no intention of returning now. (Photo: Courtesy)

Former WBA World welterweight and super lightweight champion Marcos Maidana is not returning to the ring. He may return to the ring at a later date, but he has no intention of returning now, as his letter to his supporters suggests.

Dear boxing Friends,

After a long time out of the rings and after giving it a lot of thinking since my last fight I’ve decided to hang up the gloves for good. Probably my decision would not surprise much as I had given hints of it in the last few months. But at this time I am making it official.

Before anything else, I must say that I leave very proud and deeply thankful to boxing and everything that I have achieved. I’ve really never imagined getting this far when I put on a pair of gloves for the very first time when I was 15 in my native Margarita city. I think I was able to put the name of my country Argentina very high after winning two world titles, winning and losing against the best fighters of the world.

I had a tough career and I fulfilled many of my dreams. I am a very happy man with my family and friends by my side these days. I know many of you think that I still have things to do and battles to fight. And I respect them. That is something that I had in my mind in the last few months. But only those who really know what a real challenge is, like the ones I always had, may understand that you have to be absolutely motivated to approach them. Only through a great physical and mental effort you can mix in the ring with best of the world if winning is your goal. And I always wanted to win. Today I do not feel motivated enough, do not have the fire inside me to intend to climb those mountains again. That is why I announce my retirement.

At this time when I take a look back at my career I want to thank so many people that helped me to have what I call a successful career.

To Ricardo Linari, who was the person who discovered me. To one of my first trainers, Ricardo Ferreiro. Those two were the first ones that had faith on me when I was only a teenager.

To my cousin “Pileta”, who was always by my side, on the good and bad times.

To my advisor Sebastián Contursi, who advised me in first international steps and was able to take me to the highest level.

To my last trainer, Robert García, who was able to transform me to fight the best of the best with real chances to beat them. To other important trainers that I had like Rudy Pérez and Rafael Liendo.

To my conditioners, Raúl Robles, Cruz “Pensa” García, Alex Ariza, and Cicilio Flores.

To doctor Walter Quintero, who was always there to help me and my family.

To don Gilberto and Gilberto Jesús Mendoza and the World Boxing Association (WBA), for always believe in me.

To my sponsors and friends, Hugo Basilotta, Héctor “Etín” Ponce, Marcelo Rossini, Leonel Duarte, and Jorge Pablo Brito, who always supported me in a country like mine where unfortunately companies and commercial brands do not generally support boxing.

To Universum and Golden Boy Promotions, for giving me the opportunity of showing my boxing to the world.

To Al Haymon, a crucial person in the last steps and probably the most successful of my career.

To my parents, Olga and Américo. To my wife Mariana. To my son Nahuel and my daughter Emilia. To all of them, thanks for staying by me for long.

Last but not the least, to my dear fans, who always supported and cheered me either from their homes or from the stands of all the arenas where I fought. I will never forget that chanting: “Chi-nooooo, Chi-nooooo”!

At this time, I start a new stage in which I will remain close to boxing, advising and unconditionally supporting “Team Maidana”, aiming for new generations to reach to the highest levels. I will be there for our world champion Jesús Cuellar. For new great prospects like Brian Castaño, my brother Fabián Maidana, Alan Castaño, who are already making some noise internationally. For Javier Maciel. Also I will be there for the new kids like Neri Romero and Luis Verón. And most like I will be there for many other who will join us along the road and looking for great challenges. My goal now is to pass the baton over to them now.

This article was penned by the author who is not related to the WBA and the statements, expressions or opinions referenced herein are that of the author alone and not the WBA.

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