WBA 92nd Convention Day 3Day 3 of the 92nd annual WBA convention in Lima, Peru commenced with the medical seminar. Dr. Calvin Inalsingh, the WBA medical director opened by introducing the presenters.

Dr. Benjamin Molina of Venezuela addressed the importance of exercise and stretching, not only for athletes, but also for non-athletes in everyday life. Molina stressed the importance of a minimum of exercise and stretching and their impact on blood flow to the body and brain. Julio Castillo assisted Dr. Molina by demonstrating various calisthenics and stretches while engaging the delegates to participate.

Shivana Inalsingh presented a talk entitled “Engaging Mind, Body and Spirit.” A quote from philosopher Plato started things off- “The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” She led participants through exercises in recognizing the body’s energy points. The discussion moved on spirituality, food intake and their effects on the body well.

Dr. Joseph Estwanik first discussed “Woman’s Boxing.” He opened with the comment, “The best news is that there is nothing new in woman’s boxing!” Estwanik reviewed woman’s boxing from an evolutionary point as far as rules changes, health factors, etc. The risk of breast Cancer from being punched was debunked as a myth by Estwanik. The risk of boxing with breast implants was also examined. Estwanik’s “round two” was entitled “Ringside Physician Certification.” The creation of the certification exam was reviewed, as well as the requirements of the physicians necessary to take the exam. The exam price is $300 USD. Passing score is 71% and retesting can be done in three months.

Dr. Estwanik also announced the upcoming Association of Ringside Physicians to be held in Las Vegas, NV from Thursday, October 24th through Saturday October 26th. More information can be had at www.associationofringsidephysicians.org.

WBA medical director Calvin Inalsingh then delivered his talk “Enhancing Performance Without Drugs.” Inalsingh first took a look at banned PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) and their desired effect and undesired side effects on the human body. The option is often available for an athlete to apply for Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) of such meds as Albuterol for asthmatics, which contain banned substances. Alternate performance enhancement techniques that do not fall under drug use were also examined- such as blood doping and altitude training.

After lunch, WBA Legal Director Robert Mack delivered his quick, yet succinct legal report. There is still pending legal action regarding a lawsuit brought against the WBA by the European Boxing association (EBA) in 2011 for $1.5 Million.

George Martinez, head of North American Boxing Association (NABA), disseminated his report. The time line mandate for full NABA champions to defend against their “interim” champs is still under review. Among the championship situations under review is the case of Fres Oquendo who holds both the Fedelatin and NABA titles and is ranked WBA #5. Oquendo has been reported to be involved in the upcoming WBC World Cup tournament, which will affect his standing in the WBA rankings.

Martinez also heads the WBA’s female division and gave a brief history of not only women amateur and pro boxers, but also licensed female judges and referees.

Former WBA Welterweight champion Luis Collazo was also on hand to take part in the convention. Collazo took to the lectern to address the delegates, reviewing his ascent to the world title on two weeks noticed and the ups and downs since that time. He is gearing up for another run at the welterweight crown with promoter Golden Boy in his corner.

Gilberto Jesus Mendoza delivered his championship report after showing a highlight video montage of all WBA champions in action. Mendoza ran down the weight divisions with some notes along the way:

-Cruiserweight champion Guillermo Jones failed a doping test after his last defense against Denis Lebedev, but has claimed to have a negative B sample. The championship committee will continue to analyze the situation before making a decision.

-Super Middleweight “Super” champion Andre Ward and unified (WBA/IBF) champion Carl Froch would be an interesting rematch for the public, deemed Mendoza.

-Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin will meet Curtis Stevens, while interim Martin Murray meets Garth Woods in Australia. Golovkin should meet the interim champion afterward according to Mendoza.

-Super welterweight Interim champ Erislandy Lara may ask for the regular title status depending on what Super champion Mayweather does. He has a scheduled fight against former champ Austin Trout.

-Super Lightweight unified champion Danny Garcia has a year to defend against regular champion Khabib Allakhverdiev.

-Super Featherweight champion Takashi Uchiyama will be awarded a Super Belt for his perseverance and consistency.

-Super Flyweight champion Liborio Solis will face interim champ Daiki Kameda in December.

-Light Flyweight “Super” Champion Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez is rumored as of yesterday, (October 15th) to be vacating his title and will request to become the mandatory challenger to WBA regular Flyweight champ Juan Carlos Reveco.

There is a free evening tonight for delegates to hit the town and see Lima at night.

Se cumplió con el Seminario Médico en 92 Convención de la AMB en Lima

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