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WBA on Swine Flu




To: WBA Directory members and Promoters


Reference: World Health Organization warning on Swine Flu



Dear Friends,


The purpose of this letter is to adopt a position on the warning issued by the emergency committee of the World Health Organization on the Swine influenza epidemic affecting several countries.


Without no doubt affects the normal course of business in the World Boxing Association. Despite we have not made a official Directorate summon communication a tentative date was being consider from June 17 through 19 in Cartagena, Colombia.


After the president consulted with the medical advisory committee chairman Dr. Calvin Inalsingh and based on the faculties establish by the bylaws has decided to cancel the meeting expressed in the above paragraph. However has indicated that Cartagena would be the venue for this year Convention during the first or second week of October.


Also the championship committee in order to preserve the health of the boxers will reserve the right to approve title matches in countries where the virus of A/H1N1 swine influenza is confirmed by the WHO (World Health Organization). Until this moment Mexico, United States and Canada are in this list.


Please enclosed find the copy of memorandum issued by Dr Calvin Inalsingh and a official communication of the World Health Organization.


Sincerely yours,





Gilberto Jesús Mendoza