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Q&A: Gilberto Mendoza


The World Boxing Association hold its 90th annual convention in Donetsk, Ukraine from November 6-12. have an exclusive interview performed with the WBA president Gilberto Mendoza who is already at the venue. Mendoza has been the president of the WBA since 1982.

What are your expectations for the WBA 90th annual convention?

To share the conceptualization of boxing as an important sector of society, which opens the door to success for many young people, without social and economic differences.

What results are expected of the convention?

To help strengthen the regional development of boxing in regions that has proven boxing talent and potential.

Your comments about the future of boxing?

It’s in our hands! Achieving an agreement reached between the stakeholders of boxing and take this activity to the position and social recognition it deserves, as a productive sector and promoter of a better citizen of the countries. We need a compromise between stakeholders to respond to the true and legitimate interests of boxing.

What about the boxing bodies?

In the immediate future, governing bodies in tune with the promoters and agents must design strategies to achieve partnerships that contribute to the growth and development of the boxer. The new era should see boxing as an organization that respects and is present in social responsibility.

Private enterprise and governments?

Of course, it would welcome the inclusion and contribution of the governments of the countries where the activity is practiced.

Any special comments?

Just to add that boxing should not only deal with a purely economic sense. We should take into account the sense of social responsibility for this activity.