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Khan stops Malignaggi in 11

WBA Super Lightweight champion Amir Khan soundly defeated Paul Malignaggi in a fast-paced bout.  Malignanggi never went down and could have made it to the final bell, but the stoppage was appropriate given the punishment Khan dished out.

Malignaggi’s face was reddened after just three minutes of action, and it was bleeding and swollen after six minutes. Malignaggi fought with the heart and gusto that became his trademark since his loss to Miguel Cotto, and he was able to make adjustments in the third round that turned it into a competitive and fast-paced fight for a couple of rounds. But the sixth round was a good one for Khan, who showed a great jab, both quick and powerful. By the end of eight, it was clearly a one-sided fight, although Malignaggi was still trying. 

The ninth round began with the sense that referee Steve Smoger would not allow things to continue much longer. Malignaggi fought a better ninth round, although it wasn’t enough to win the round. Malignaggi appeared to talk the ringside physician into letting the fight continue into the eleventh, but after Khan landed a couple of hard shots, Smoger wisely saved Malignaggi from further punishment. It was a career-best win for Khan, who showed he can box with the best. The only question Khan has yet to answer is about how durable his chin is. But that is a quesion for another fight.