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Cermeño in Venezuela

Venezuelan Nehomar Cermeño is finally home awaiting for March 27th when he will face the Panamanian Anselmo “Chemito” Moreno for the WBA bantamweight title at the Polideportivo José María Vargas, organized by Boxtrack promotion.

Cermeño, Interim champion of the division, arrived from Panama, along with his chief trainer Panamanian Francisco Arroyo. On Monday night at 11:30 p.m, attired with his jacket and pants symbol of “Rockeros” stable and a cap that said “Yes I Can”.

Both agreed that it was an optimum preparation, “We have no doubt, everything is fine, there are no weight problems and we’re ready. We are done with the sparring and now just have to keep up these days, ” confessed the boxer born in Anzoátegui state.

Both reiterated that the game plan is set for the fight, “we only have to wait until March 27, when I will win , the world tilte with total faith on God.