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How to apply for joining the WBA as a Judge and/or Referee

How to apply for joining the WBA as a Judge and/or Referee

The WBA will always remain in search of attracting the very best ring officials in all of  professionnal boxing  throughout the world.  There are certain steps to follow before any consideration can be given to new applicants, and it is to be understood that all information submitted to us will be subjected to verification, before a new applicant can be considered.       

The first step would be to forward your Curriculum Vitae to the address or e-mail listed below.  The information on that resume should include not only your ring related experience, but also enough information about your regular occupation (employment)  background, so as to enable us to do a fair appraisal of  each applicant’s overall profile.   Other required documentation are as follows:

– Letter of recommendation from the president of your local commission.

– A list of some of the major bouts you have officiated, specifying either as a judge or   as a referee.

– The disclosure of all other information  which could be deemed relevant to the position
of boxing judge or referee, such as health status etc. and all other information which
  could be construed as being relevant to your ability to fulfil the required  duties of a competant ring official at the “world class” level.

We must also point out that for the past few years, all sanctioning bodies such as ours,  have had to contend with various restrictive measures which have been introduced by some state commissions in the USA.  For example, in some jurisdictions,  state residency has become a prime consideration or even a prerequisite for boxing officials to be permitted to work within  their own state borders.  Because of such parochial considerations and other such restrictions, the WBA along with all other sanctionning bodies are often being denied their most essential and meaningful role of providing neutrality and the appearance thereof, in world title bouts. The WBA must therefore take into consideration all these imposed restrictions when enroling new members into their ranks, so as to maintain a proper balance between the number of  accredited WBA officials, and the existing opportunities for world-wide officiating assignments.      

Having established that acceptance of new officials within the WBA ranks is reserved for the highly qualified who can meet all our requirements, we invite those interested who feel they can qualify, to forward the required documentation to the Chairman of Officials Committee, at the address listed below.

Guy Jutras

Chairman of the Officials’ Committee –  WBA
4700 Ste Catherine st W.    Montreal,   Que.   Canada H3Z 1S6

Tel: (514) 933-2225