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Centenary of the “Jersey Joe” Walcott birth

Jersey Joe Walcott

Jersey Joe Walcott. Photo AFUWI

Today marks the 100th Anniversary of Arnold Raymond Cream, better known as Jersey Joe Walcott, the birth, heavyweight world champion during 1950’s.

He was born in New Jersey on January 31, 1914, and his Nick name was due to his resemblance to the former champion Joe Walcot.

Jersey Joe won the championship at the age of 37, and became the oldest boxer to win the heavyweight world title.
He reigned from March 17 1951 when he knocked out Ezzard Charles, to September 23, 1952 when he lost it with Rocky Marciano.

He retired in 1953, after 72 fights with a record of 53 victories, 18 loses, one draw and 33 KO’s.
He died on February 25, 1994.