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Danny Garcia: I’ll do one more fight at 140

Danny Garcia - Photo: Flo Jocou

Danny Garcia – Photo: Flo Jocou

By Arvin Nundloll

Fresh off his victory against Lucas Matthysse, Danny Garcia, the current WBA, WBC and Transnational junior welterweight champion, spoke to the press briefly and reveled his desire to get back into the ring plus commented on a possible fight against Floyd Mayweather Junior.

Speaking on how he defeated Lucas Matthysse and the rumors about a rematch:

Hard work, good training camp and good sparring partners. Even though I’m a younger fighter, I have more experience than him in a championship fight and fought good opposition before so I think that played a big part. Just the hard work and the confidence. I’m not really interested in a rematch. He wasn’t the champion.

On working with his father Angel Garcia:

We’ve always been elite. (We have) good chemistry and we know how to win.

Having always been considered an underdog or being overlooked, Garcia had the following to say:

Fights of that magnitude (Mat give that extra push, cause I always work hard. It’s in my soul and it brings out the best in me these kind of fights. It’s not about being the underdog or the guy that’s picked to win, fights of that magnitude just bring out the best in me.

Garcia is also open to a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather:

That means a lot. Floyd’s been a champion for 17 years, I’ve been a champion for 2 years. Just for people to put my name in the same category as him, being in a potential with him means a lot.

With the contenders at 140 drying up, Garcia claimed he could do one more fight before moving up:

I’ve definitely proved myself as champion at 140. I can fight the fights I want at 140 but there’s really not a lot of fights in that weight class for me. It’s going to be a tough decision, I fought hard for them (sic) belts. I’m getting to that point where maybe I will move up, maybe I won’t but if anything I’ll do one more fight at 140

Speaking about his exposure since being the main support to the Mayweather-Alvarez fight, Garcia claims that it’s changed his life:

Everywhere I go people know who I am. I can walk in the mall no more! My life changed overnight. I’m just blessed and am ready to do bigger and better things.

When asked by FightNews about a possible rematch with Khan:

He hasn’t been looking that spectacular in his last fight. He’s a good fighter, definitely the fastest fighter I’ve ever fought but as far as me fighting him to get to Mayweather, nah.

In closing, Garcia would return to the ring in a heartbeat if needed:

I didn’t really take no punishment (in the last fight), if they booked me for a fight tomorrow, I’d be ready.