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Winner takes all: “Pelenchin” targets Juanma


According to WBA Super Bantamweight Super Champion Celestino “Pelenchin” Caballero, there is plenty of unfinished business for Juan Manuel Lopez. Caballero wants to unify the titles with Lopez and tells that he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is. In past interviews, Lopez has questioned Caballero’s ability to bring money to the table. “If he’s worried about  money, I will fight him where the winner takes everything. He can have my purse if he wins. If he thinks he can beat me, then take the fight and I’ll agree to put my purse on the line against his. This guy fight old men and cowards. Why doesn’t he fight a real opponent for Puerto Rico? I’ll do anything for Panama. I’ll die for Panama. Is he willing to do the same for Puerto Rico? I have my doubts”, Caballero said.

In on my past interviews, Caballero called Lopez a chicken. He apologized for that statement in his own way.

“I know I called him a chicken. I’m very sorry for that and I want to apologized to Juan Manuel Lopez. He is not a chicken, he is a lady. If he want to act as a lady, I will treat him like a lady” Caballero said.