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WBA VP travels to meeting in Cancun

The World Boxing Association Vice-President, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza will travel today to Cancun, Mexico, where he will hold a series of meetings with the authorities of the World Boxing Council -WBC- and the International Boxing Federation -IBF-.

Mr. Jose Sulaiman, President, Mauricio Sulaiman, Executive Secretary and Gabriel Peñagarícano, Legal Advisor will be representing the WBC.  

Mrs. Marian Muhammad, president of the IBF and Mr. Larry Hazzard, President Advisor will attend the meeting, too. 

Mr. Mendoza Jr. together with Mr. Oliver Gomez, President of the Ratings Committee will represent the WBA. “My expectation is to continue the good and close relationship for the sake of boxing,” said the Director.  

Other topics mentioned by Mendoza is “to reach agreements to generate strategies to reduce the main threats to the boxing world, such as alternative sports, economic crisis, lack of boxing figures to represent the sport.”

The main topics in the agenda to be discussed of this meeting in Mexico are: 
1.- Unification of titles
2.- Boxers ratings (Inter organizational)
3.- Commissions Treatment (ABC opinions and mandates)
4.- Commissions Treatment (Officials appointment for championships fights. 
      Executives of events organization) 
5.- Creation of the Super Heavyweight Division
6.- McCAIN Legislation
7.- Sanction fees / Associated Boxing Promoters relationship