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WBA sent notice to the manager of Liborio Solís

Kameda - Solis weigh-in

Kameda – Solis weigh-in. Photo

The World Boxing Association Legal Committee sent a communication to Mr. Manuel Pérez Barreiro, boxing manager of the Venezuelan Boxer Liborio Solis, warning him to return the amount corresponding to 35% of the purse of the fighter.

Solis traveled to Japan to fight the IBF champion Daiki Kameda, and the Venezuelan had received complete payment of his purse, however due to his failure to comply with the weight of the 115 pounds division and the contract assumed the corresponding penalty.

The equivalent of 35% of the boxer’s purse is the amount that should be returned within a maximum period of ten days. The parties involved are aware of the situation, so should they fail to do so, the WBA will take disciplinary measures set forth in its regulation.