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WBA Perspective 2013

As 2012 draws to a close, it is time once again to reflect back over the eventful year that has passed, as well as look ahead to what is in store for the boxing world in 2013. As always, the World Boxing Association plans to be at the forefront of developments for the betterment of our sport in the new year.

2012 saw it’s share of ups and downs, good and bad that one would expect to endure within and family, job or endeavor. The WBA is no different. We have been in existence for 91 years, and as we count down toward the inevitable century mark, change is necessary for survival. We have adapted over these last nine decades, and will continue to do so with transparency, integrity and perseverance. 2012 began with personnel changes within our directorate. These changes served to streamline operations for more efficiency. As with any successful business model, when something isn’t working the best that it can, change is necessary to improve the business. The WBA has survived this long, not by resting on it’s laurels, but by striving to be the best we can be.

Of course, championships continue to be a hot topic within our sport. Interim, regular, and super champions are here to stay. This is no difference not only within the different sanctioning bodies in boxing, but also in other world sports, football, soccer, basketball, baseball. The market bears it, opportunities are afforded to boxers who may otherwise be looked over, and fans get introduced to fighters of whom they might not have had the chance to become fans. So be it a Super Champion, Diamond champion, Interim or Silver, it’s the boxers that count and the opportunities for which those boxers fight.

I will also make mention of the continued success of the KO Drugs tradition as well as implementation of new ideas such as electronic scoring which had it’s successful debut at the KO Drugs in Jamaica.

The WBA is always open to constructive dialog from those who wish to offer and share it.

The World Boxing Association would like to thank boxing fans around the world for their continued support during 2012 and we wish to see more excitement in boxing and opportunities for boxers in 2013. Happy Holidays to fight fans around the world and a Happy New Year.

WBA Honorable Mention
Callum Smith WBA Super World Super Middleweight Champion

Callum Smith – WBA Honorable Mention September 2018

Callum Smith WBA Super World Super Middleweight Champion WBA Honorable Mention – September 2018