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WBA joins the mourning of the Arguello Family




      The Executive Committee Members of the World Boxing 

      Association join the grieve of the Arguello Family






            1. – That Alexis Arguello passed away on July 1, 2009 in Managua, Nicaragua.


            2. – That Alexis Arguello won the WBA Featherweight title against Ruben Olivares on November 23, 1974.


            3. – That Alexis Arguello was a recognized World Boxing Association Champion.






            1. – Regret deeply the sensible pass away of Alexis Arguello.


            2. – Give our condolences to his parents and relatives.


            3. – To carry a solidary support message in these moment of mourning and sadness of the Arguello family, hoping that the light of God lessens the trace of pain and the eternal resurrection faith.


            4. – To give this resolution to his parents and relatives.



            Given in Turmero, Venezuela on the First day of the month of July, 2009.


Gilberto Mendoza