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Walters and Malpartida are already in Kingston for the KO Drugs

Reynoso, Barboza, Villalobos and “La China” Sánchez also arrived

WBA Press. December 05. The World Boxing Association super featherweight champion, the Peruvian Kina Malpartida, has already arrived to Kingston with her trainer Mario Morales and is ready to defend her championship belt in the KO Drugs in the National Indoor Sports Centre, Jamaica.

Malpartida said that she is only running a little to stay in weight, but he has no problem with the weight. She says she is ready for her fight with the American Stacey Reile.

The host Nicholas Walters is happy to fight for the WBA featherweight title at home. The Jamaican said he had never fought at the National Indoor, “this is my first professional Kingston; as an amateur I fought several times here, but my first time as professional” he said.

He is grateful for this opportunity to fight for the gold and black belt.  He also welcomed all the guests “thanks for coming to my country, enjoy everything, the food, my city, you are all welcome” he said happy.

Walters will fight the fifth WBA rated contender, Colombian Daulis Prescott, who will arrive in Jamaica on Thursday.

The Venezuelan Alys “La China” Sanchez, will fight for the WBA super bantam title is already settle, and said “I am happy for this opportunity, and I am sure that it will be a tough and hard fight because my opponent is strong, but I’m ready to win. I came for it, it is a dream of many years and I will fulfill it”.

Sánchez will fight the Mexican Maria Elena Villalobos, who is also in Kingston and is willing to get in the ring.

“I hope she came prepared for a good show and to keep the public at the edge of their seats” she admitted not knowing her opponent “I just know she is from Venezuela and that her name is Alys Sánchez”.

However, Villalobos assures that this does not keep her awake “because I’ve been devoted to my training, and I have to follow the corner’s instructions and do the job they indicate me, and follow the style”.

Mauricio Reynoso, from Peru, and Jaime Barboza, from Costa Rica, will fight for the Super Middleweight FEDELATIN title. “I am well prepared and only think on winning for different reasons; first, it is my mothers’ birthday, so I have to win”, says the Inca.

He adds: “As always, I have thought about the possibility of losing through my mind, because in this line of work you can win or lose.  However, this time I’m convinced I will win.”Barboza should have not accepted this fight”.

Barboza admitted that the boxer life is like everything, “you win or lose, that is normal, and we should prepare for that too, I am sure I will win, that is what I have prepared and came for”, warning to the Peruvian,  that “he will fight with a wall this Saturday”.

The rest of the stars of this Saturday boxing show in Kingston will be arriving on Thursday.  The official weighing will be at the Wyndham Hotel, at 3:00 pm.