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Vanes Martirosyan wins WBA International title

Vanes Martirosyan (28-0, 17KOs) won the battle of the unbeaten super welterweights with a unanimous ten round decision over Joe Greene (22-1, 14KOs) to captured the WBA International super welterweight title. The official scores were 96-93, 96-93 and 98-91.

Greene came out with a lot of pressure in the first round. Vanes was landing the better punches, straighter punches through the guard of Greene. Greene landed a good left hand. Vanes fired back with a hard shot to the body and Greene sent back a hard low blow to the cup. Vanes got a moment to recover. Vanes landed got off with three right hands in the final ten seconds. Greene came off with a good left hand in the second, and Vanes came back with a right and a good uppercut. They traded hooks in the second minute. In the third, Greene landed two very hard combinations.

The fourth round was close. Vanes landed a hard low blow in the final minute and Greene took some time. The traded some good shots in the final ten seconds. Green got off with a good left hand in the fifth while going in and out. During the round, the left eye of Vanes began to swell like an apple. In rounds six and seven, Greene was trying to target the left eye of Vanes, but he wasn’t throwing enough punches.

In the eight, Vanes continued to work harder with better combinations. Vanes cut Greene above the right eye with a good combo. Vanes continued to do the better work in the ninth round. In the tenth, Greene did a little better in the first two minutes by pressing to land something big.  In the final minute, Vanes pulled off a flash knockdown when he caught Greene not paying attention.