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Valuable Life Messages Delivered at the Trinidad & Tobago 14th Knock Out Games


“No one who has ever done the right thing has ever regretted it.” Those were the words of invited guest speaker Mr, Brian Lewis, speaking with young participants of the Trinidad & Tobago World Boxing Association 14th KO Drug Games held at the Five Rivers Secondary School on Saturday March 21th, 2009Mr. Lewis, Chairman of the Trinidad & Tobago Boxing Board of Control and Secretary of the Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Committee, gave an inspiring presentation on sharing good values, and the importance of accepting responsibility for the choices in life, adding to Dr.
Calvin Inalsingh’s welcome address on the tragic effects of drug abuse.                                                  

Dr. Inalsingh, a respected member of the sporting fraternity and executive member of the World Boxing Association has been organizing the event for 14 years in
Trinidad and says that if the message that is delivered guides even one young person to make better choices, then the commitment and efforts have been worth it.  Ms Inalsingh acknowledged the unsung heroes who attended the event including the football, chess and table tennis coaches, teachers, guardians and parents who gave daily guidance and were at the games to support their children. “These children are our future; they will be our leaders, our sports men and women, ambassadors of our nation. We all have our part in giving guidance and love to these young ones so we can create the future we want to see.”