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The solid Myung-Woo Yuh

Myung-Woo-Yuh-WBA Flyweight Champion

Myung-Woo-Yuh-WBA Flyweight Champion

Today marks the 25 Anniversary of the second fight between Myung-Woo Yuh and Mario De Marco, held in Korea in 1989. It was the eleventh title defense of the flyweight champion of the World Boxing Association.

It was the second fight of the two boxers, who had already fought in 1986 when Yuh won by unanimous decision in 15 rounds to retain for the third time his championship belt.

In 1989, De Marco returned to Korea, this time to Cheonan to challenge the champion in the ring of Dankook University Gym. However, Yuh kept won again on the scorecards.

In total, Yuh made 18 defenses of the flyweight belt in his two reigns. He won the first in 1985 before Joey Olivo in Korea. He made 17 consecutive successful defenses until December 17, 1991 when he ran into Hiroki Ioka, in Osaka.

Ioka won by split decision, and on November 18, 1992 they had a rematch, this time the victory favored Myung-Woo Yuh who recovered his belt, kept it until his retirement in 1992. He left a record of 38 wins with 1 loss and 14 KO’s.
He entered the Hall of Fame in Canastota Boxing in 2013.