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Sumary of Santo Domingo Directorate Meeting

Sumary of Santo Domingo Directorate Meeting

Sumary of Santo Domingo Directorate Meeting. Photos Edixon Gámez

The World Boxing Association working sessions held this weekend as the Santo Domingo Sheraton Hotel in Dominican Republic, site of the XXIX KO Drugs, were successful.

The relevant points of the meetings are the creation of the regional entity for Oceania, -WBA Oceania- that will be chaired by Francisco Martinez. In the next few days review of the different legal systems and everything about the legal part will be to finalize the creation of the regional body.

During the first day there was the presentation of the committees’ reports made by their directors.

Also there was ratings committee open session with the participation of several promoters such as Gary Show, Tom Loeffer, Vladu Hrunov, Ricardo Rizzo and Sampson Lewkowicz.

In the second working session, after giving recognition to the WBA Vice President Gilberto Jesus Mendoza for his Bachelor laws degree obtained in the Santa María La Antigua University in Panama, was reviewed the old regulations and the qualifications about the concepts of unified, undisputed, super champion, and interim champion.

That was the starting point to make a summary of the world boxing summit held in Cancun with the participation of the WBC, IBF and WBA.

Mendoza talked about the points discussed, such as doping; unification fights, championship rules, possibility of pre weigh-in, and weigh-ins the same day of the fight, among other issues.

Mendoza said that each organization should make their review on the raised proposals, “make their assessment and presented to the next meeting will be in September”.

He stressed the intentions of a legal communication committee, also the Anti-Doping Committee and the coincidence of the majority of those present in accepting that the tests are applied according to the regulations of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).

The next meeting of all representatives of the agencies will be in September, again in Mexico.

The last part of the second working session ended with special recognition to Franklin Nunez for his efforts in rescuing the Dominican boxing.