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Shane Mosley workout!

WBA Welterweight Super Champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley works on punching sequences with trainer Naazim Richardson on April 12, 2010 in Pasadena, California during a media workout in preparation for his May 1, 2010 mega-fight against six-time world champion Floyd Mayweather at The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada which will be televised live on HBO Pay-Per-View.


“I think a lot of people who have fought Floyd have let his talking get to them and they go into the fight angry. They are fighting with their emotions when they are in the ring. I’m not going to do that. I know how I want to fight Floyd and I know what I want to happen, so I am going to do what I have to do to win.

“Training is going great. We have a good strategy going and I have been sparring some tough guys and trying a lot of different things against them, so I am going to be ready when I get into the ring May 1.

“A victory over Floyd Mayweather would definitely rank in my top victories. It would let people know that once again they overlooked Sugar Shane Mosley and that was a mistake.

“Floyd is a great fighter and there are a lot of different things he can bring to the ring. But there are a lot of things I bring as well. On May 1 we are going to find out who the real chess player is. “I think there is too big a deal being made about the fact that Floyd is undefeated. Before my first loss I was 38-0 with 35 KOs. That’s a hell of a record, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t be beat and it doesn’t mean Floyd can’t either.

“It might be harder to fight someone who hasn’t lost before because they really don’t want to lose, but when you are fighting anyone on this level it’s going to be tough. No one wants to lose, so I don’t think that is going to be an advantage for Mayweather.

“There is a clause in the contract that says Floyd gets a rematch if I beat him, but I would give him the rematch anyway, because it would be great to beat him twice.

“There are different personalities in boxing. Some guys like to talk a lot, but I’m not going to run my mouth just to do it. If I’m going to say something I’m going mean it. If it comes out of my mouth you know it’s going to be heartfelt and it’s going to be the truth.

“Naazim has definitely reenergized my career. He is one of the hardest working trainers in the business. You can find him in the middle of the night watching film so that he knows the other fighter inside out. It’s all about strategy with Naazim and I’m confident with him as my trainer going into this fight.

“Floyd Mayweather is good, but I’m going to be fast. He’s never had to deal with speed and skill like Sugar Shane Mosley’s before.

“I’m a full-time fighter; it’s a lifestyle for me. I love to do what I do.

“The drug testing has been thorough. They have come four times already and taken blood twice and urine twice. They just show up randomly to take it, but they come during normal hours. It’s not like they are showing up in the middle of the night, and they haven’t disrupted my training. In the end I think the testing is a good thing to change our sport.

“I’m going to do everything on May 1. I’m going to attack. I’m going to box a little. I’m going to do it all.

“The theme of this fight is ‘Who R U Picking?’ Well people should be picking me because I have proven that I can knock people out in any round. I’m experienced and I have the speed, power and agility to win this fight.”

Trainer Naazim Richardson

“Training camp has been good. I am not worried about the fight for Shane. I think Shane can knock out anything that weighs 147 pounds.

“I think Shane’s speed is faster than Mayweather’s. I’m more worried about Mayweather’s timing, he has great timing. He has the benefit of learning from his father Floyd Sr. and his Uncle Roger on boxing intelligence in the ring, but Shane can handle it and has the ring experience to match him.

“I know Shane will win the fight. I am looking for the best Shane Mosley to come in the ring on May 1 and when that happens, we win the fight. I will keep him focused on the task at hand and not let him get caught up in the Mayweather hysteria. We are good to go.”