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Sartison-Gevor presser

Dimitri Sartison: “It’s been a few months since my last fight. I’m really looking forward to the fight. I can promise that it will be a spectacular fight. This is probably the best fight of the evening. Khoren is a strong opponent. I certainly hope that Universum receives a new TV contract. ”

Khoren Gevor: “I’ve been chilling in Amsterdam. After training I go to a coffee shop and have a run-through. So I’m prepared. No, seriously, Dimitri is a very good boxer. He is the world champion. One doesn’t get to be the world champion for nothing. In the fight we’ll see how strong he really is. I’m really looking forward to the super middleweights. Now I can keep my muscle mass, and it won’t decrease as much. This is good for me. For me it does not matter against who I box, the main thing is I earn my money.