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Sánchez vs Villalobos: Two fighters pursuing the dream of their lives

WBA Press.  December 6 .- The Venezuela, Alys “La China” Sánchez and the Mexican María “Explosive” Villalobos assured to ready to fight for the interim super bantamweight title of World Boxing Association.

The fight will be on Saturday December 8 at the National Indoor Sports Centre, in Kingston, Jamaica.

“This is a great opportunity, it is pursuing a dream I have always have and want to make real this Saturday.  I come willing to win,” were some of Sanchez’s statements.

On the other part, the Aztec Villalobos admits this is the greatest opportunity of her life, “One is prepared to win or lose in boxing.  the defeats have taught me, have helped me, however the important thing is to get up whenever you fall, but this Saturday I will be the winner because that is why I came for, to leave my country very high”.

Both boxers are committed to reach their highest goals, and agree on calling for more opportunities and more support for women in boxing.  “Support women boxing, we need to be given more chances”, said Sánchez, while Villalobos stated that “in feminine boxing there as much talent as in men boxing.  Before, people when to see us with morbid eyes, but now, people go because we give a good show.”

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