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Rossel trusts he will keep his title at home

Alberto "Chiquito" RosselThe World Boxing Association 108 lbs interim champion, Alberto “Chiquito” Rossel from Peru, trusts he will keep his belt on Saturday when in the fight against the Mexican José Alfredo “Diablito” Zúñiga.

Rossel said to Peruvian press that he hopes his opponent better be very well prepared for the fight because the “the title will stay in Peru. You will see who is the best, and you will fight with a champion”.

That was the answer to the words said by the Aztec when arrived in Peru, that he will win and the he would take the belt away from the host champion.

“You will win, but only the experience because the belt stays in Peru” Rossel stated.

Most important, the champion already has a clear strategy to keep his belt, “I studied Zuñiga, I have seen the few videos he has” he said to Peruvian press and then said that the fight will be hard with a demanding opponent, and said “I am calm and well prepared for Zuñiga, who is a very offensive fighter, who is always looking for the attack”.

In every occasion Rossel has spoken to the press, he has insisted on the good preparation he had for this Saturday commitment, besides “I come in great shape in spite of my sports age and my boxing trajectory,  I want to keep the title that was so hard to win”.