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Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini will attend the WBA 92nd Annual Convention

Ray "Boom Boom" ManciniPhoto Anthony G. Moore / PR Photos

The 92nd Annual Convention of the World Boxing Association will be held in Lima, Peru from October 13 to 18 at the Hotel Los Delfines, where former champion Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini will be one of the special guests.

Mancini confirmed that he will be spending time with all attendees at the Lima Convention, and will participate actively in the lectures and seminars scheduled for that week.

Mancini the World Boxing Association world champion from May 8,1982 when he defeated Arturo Frias in New York.

He defended his belt in six opportunities before Ernesto “El Gato” España,  Deuk Koo Kim, George Feeney, Orlando Romero, Jhonny Torres, Bobby Chacon and los ton June 1, 1984 before Livingstone Bramble, whom he fought and lost again in a rematch in February the following year.