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Perfect night for the Venezuelan boxers in Caracas

Yónfrez Parejo vs Luis Hinojosa

Yónfrez Parejo derrotó en diez asaltos al dominicano Hinojosa. Foto Alejandro Va Schermbreek

Saturday night in the Jose Beracaza Gym of the United Nations Park in Caracas, was perfect for Mayerlin Rivas and Yonfre Parejo who managed to conquer the World Boxing Association bantamweight champions, after winning their interim fights against Arely Valente and Luis Hinojosa, respectively.

The first to win was Rivas, who defeated the Mexican by TKO in 9, surpassing her in technique and strength. Valente was a warrior refused to battle, but the punishment was too much and the Panamanian referee Gustavo Padilla stopped the actions to avoid more suffering to the Mexican.

Valente lost for the second time in her career of 12 triumphs, 1 draw and 6 KO’s. Rivas improved her record to 10-3-1, 7 KO´s, and becomes the third Venezuelan female boxer to win a world championship after Ogleidis “La Niña” Suárez and Alys “La China” Sanchez.

Then climbed into the ring Hinojosa and Parejo for the closing battle of the program organized by Jupiter Fight Boxing. Parejo needed eleven rounds to win of the world belt.

The Venezuelan was stronger, quicker, and more effective with combinations of punches that landed on the Dominican, who slipped in the first round. Parejo always maintained the offensive and initiative in every round. He made adjustments during the middle of the fight, to avoid missing punches, and punished Hinojosa to the point that the referee Luis Pabon stoped the actions in round 11.

Parejo is the second Venezuelan interim champion, following Nehomar Cermeño who is the owner of the upper division championship belt.

Alexis Díaz retained WBA AMB Fedelatin belt
Zulian Alexis Díaz won by unanimous decision his fight against the Mexican Armando Vazquez and retained his WBA Fedelatin mínimum championship bet, on Saturday at he United Nations Park in Caracas.

Díaz and Vazquez made a very interesting fight that Diaz won by unanimous decision: Roberto Ramírez Jr (PR) 107 ½ 103 ½ Gustavo Padilla (PAN) 110-98 Victor Simmons (PAN) 108-101.

Now Díaz improves his record to 15-0, 9 KO´s while Vázquez’ 21-10.