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One hundred five years of Max Baer birth

Max Baer Heavyweight Champion. Photo courtesy

Max Baer Heavyweight Champion. Photo courtesy

Max Baer World heavyweight champion was born i Nebraska 105 years ago as Maximilian Adelbert.

He was always known for kindness, and its aggressiveness in the ring. Two of his rivals died after fighting with him, and Baer paid for their children’s tuition.

He began his professional career in 1929, but really jumped into the public arena and won the sympathy of many in 1933 when he beat German Max Schmeling, who was Adolf Hitler’s favorite.

Baer not only defeated him overwhelmingly, but it also since that day fought with a large Star of David on his shorts, in solidarity with the Jews situation.

After that stunning victory, Baer was at the gates of a world title and went for Primo Carnera in 1934. He took time to be actor of action and adventure films.

However, he enjoyed it only for a year, because in 1935 he surprisingly lost with James Braddock.

Another of his memorable fights was when he lost by KO to Joe Louis in 1935.

In total, he made more than 80 fights, and ended with a record of 71-13. Baer once said, “I never pretended to be a boxer, but they forced me to reach the top.”

He entered the Hall of Fame in 1968.