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North America was the most active region

In December statistics

WBA Press. January 8, 2013.- The World Boxing Association broadcast the statistics for the month of December, and in addition, the statistics of the boxer’s participation by regions and continents.

By countries, United States, Japan, Mexico and Thailand were the most active presence in the WBA December ratings.

While by Continent: America had 44,6% had Asia; Europe had 23,9%; Africa and Oceania had less than 8%.

Almost 50% of the American Fighters are from North America zone, 35 % from Central America and 30% from the Caribbean and South America.

In Europe, just over 60% of the fighters are from countries from the Western countries, while the eastern and central Europe is above 40%, while the Mediterranean region has about 15%.

Australia has become the most important country in Oceania with 80%, and New Zealand is has 20%. Africa with most of his boxers within the WBA is South Africa, followed by the rest of the continent with less than 20%.

On his behalf, 55% of South Asian boxers are present in the WBA, while the east has about 40%, while Central Asia has about 10% and the west has 9%.

Takashi Uchiyama was appointed Boxer of the Month, after defeating Bryan Vasquez by Technical knockout in 8 rounds, on December 31 in Tokyo, winning the WBA Super Featherweight belt.

The Honorable Mention was given to Jamaican Nicholas Walters, who won defeated Daulis Prescott, in Kingston on December 8.

December 2012 Ranking Stats