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Muhammad Ali turns 71 years

Muhammad Ali turns 71 yearsWBA also congratulates Roy Jones Jr and Bernard Hopkins who celebrated their birthday this week

The World Boxing Association Family sends its Greetings and congratulations to Muhammad Ali, who turned 71 last Thursday.

The WBA also congratulates two great boxers, Roy Jones Jr and Bernard Hopkins who also celebrated their birthdates this week.

Our best wishes for their health, happiness and peace for all of them, who are part of the big figures in the boxing history.

Ali is considered by many as the best boxer of the 20th Century and also one of the best boxers of all time not only for his successes during his professional career, but also for his interesting life outside the the ring. Today, he is reference point in the sport and a role model for his courage to defend his beliefs.

Roy Jones Jr, was born in Pensacola, Florida, on January 1969, was WBA Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight champion. Jones is the perfect example of perseverance and dedication to achieve his personal goals.  For him our warmest greeting.

Best known as the executioner, Bernard Hopkins turned 48 on January 15. He is another example of dedication who managed to become not only in the Middleweight champion during a complete decade, but also to set a personal mark of 20 title defense.   He reigned in the WBA and the the other sanctioning organizations.

For the above reasons, this is a well-deserved recognition for these three fighters along with a New Year greetings.