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Moses-Acosta make weight

The Country Club of Windhoek in Namibia, was the perfect setting for the weigh-in for  “Judgement Day”, where WBA lightweight champion Paulus Moses will face interim-champion Miguel “Aguacerito” Acosta on Saturday. The Venezuelan king weighed 134 pounds and three quarters, while Moses weighed 132 pounds exact. Both said they are ready and prepared to successfully overcome the odds to crown the absolute champion of the division. The fight will take place at the Kalahari Sands Hotel.

The two fighters have gone about eight months without seeing action, officially, but agreed that it will not be a problem and they plan to do their best. Moses confirmed that it is ready “to hold the belt and make my fans feel happy in Namibia, I feel sorry for him (Miguel Acosta) who traveled so far to fight me.”

Acosta reiterated that things will not be so, “sadly the fans will be disappointed because the winner they are going to announce will be me. You were undefeated until you signed to fight me. ”

Moses is unbeaten in 25 fights, 17 wins by knockout, while Acosta profits accumulated 26, 20 by the route of KO, with three losses early in his career, and two draws.

The fight card will be stellar at eleven o’clock the night of Namibia, approximately 5:00 pm in Venezuela.