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Moses-Acosta final presser

The absolute champion of the WBA in the lightweight division, Paulus Moses, met face to face with the WBA’s interim champion Miguel “Aguacerito” Acosta, for the first time at a press conference in Windhoek, Namibia. They both nodded with promise to make a great show and both vowed to keep the black and gold belt of the World Boxing Association. Acosta said that he prepared well to take the title to Venezuela, while Moses said he spent eight months preparing for the fight and is ready to make his countrymen proud.

“I have prepared well for this fight. I’m ready and I have every intention to make all of my supporters in Namibia feel happy,” Moses said.

Like Acosta, Moses is eight months without a fight, and with respect to the matter he said: “I do not mind going a long time without a fight. I had to wait but now I’m just focused on what will happen on Saturday, which is why I will only concentrate on Acosta now. He is here in Namibia and I want to thank him for coming here to fight me, “he said. He stressed that he was prepared not only to come up with a quick victory, but to endure the full course of 12 rounds, “but if I get a knockout that will be a bonus to me.”

Miguel Acosta, speaking at the official presentation, and gave his impressions of Saturday’s confrontation, through a translator.

“I am 100 percent physically and mentally prepared for the day of the fight, because I would like to win the title for Venezuela,” said the Venezuelan fighter.

He confessed that he has seen many videos of Moses, “we know that he is a great fighter and a great champion, but I prepared well for the fight and come determined to end his undefeated run so I can become the lightweight champion of the world.”

Acosta recalled that boxing is one of the major sports in his country, “we have had great champions, many champions and I hope to be on the list. So one must be very disciplined if you want to become a great boxer, one has to face great fighters like Moses.”

Teddy Singleton is the representative of American promoter Don King, “I say to those who will come on Saturday to see the fight, Moses will give them something special. ”

“Acosta has come a long way to fight, he did not come here to enjoy Namibia, he came with the intention of becoming a champion, to show what kind of man he is, so I think it will be a hard and very difficult fight. But I know that Moses is going to win, and then we will take him to the United States to make him a star.”