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Miguel Acosta: “Bring on Marco Antonio Barrera!”

The world lightweight champion of the WBA, Venezuelan Miguel “Aguacerito” Acosta, said he has no problem whatsoever with facing former champion Marco Antonio Barrera, a name that is ringing out from this past weekend as his next possible opponent. “Bring on Barrera, I have no problem.”

These statements were offered as part of a tribute that he paid the students of the National Education Unit at Nicolas de Castro in Caracas. Before traveling to Namibia, to contest the world title with Paulus Moses, Acosta had spent time with the students from Caracas.

From the security personnel, cleaning staff, and students, they all came to congratulate the new champion, take pictures, and more than a few 5th grade students gave their shirts so Acosta can provide his signature

After enjoying the activities with young people, taking pictures, and receiving the congratulations from all, the champion had the opportunity to enjoy the game Brazil vs. Chile, with several students and teachers, who predicted the victory of 3-0.

“For us it is a great opportunity because the students see these kind of figures. These activities also enrich not only the boys but the whole community because there were locals and representatives who came specially to meet the fighter who won for Venezuela, “says Professor Carolina Rivero, who is part of the teaching staff of the school.

According to Mexican press, Barrera is close to fighting Mexican Humberto “La Zorrita” Soto or “Aguacerito” Acosta.

“It is my honor for myself to go up against a fighter with that experience. I will prepare as best as possible and would be glad to meet him in his country, “admitted the champion of the World Boxing Association.

Acosta also said it interesting confrontation, “a fighter with that much skill can do a lot to complicate any fight.”

In addition, Acosta gave a message of encouragement to the women’s national softball team currently playing the World Championship in Caracas.