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Mexican “Diablito” in Peru

Mexican "Diablito" in PeruPhoto: Nicolas Rangel

José Alfredo “Little Devil” Zúñiga, Mexican challenger for the WBA Interim champion Alberto “Chiquito” Rossel from Peru, is already in Peruvian land, and he is determined to take the belt home.

Ricardo Aguilar and Nicolas A. Rangel, who will be responsible to assist in this important battle, traveled with him.

After a long journey from his native Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico the “Devil” appeared in Peru and doesn’t come with good intentions. The Mexican boxer has experience in this division and will certainly complicate the local boxer’s defense.

“I accepted this fight because I have everything to win and I have shown that I never quit a fight”

With his characteristic good humor and great confidence he told the promoter to have the belt ready because he will take it with him”, although he respect the champion “Chiquito” Rossel.

“Little Devil” is a boxer who not only makes his city proud, he has Roberto Almazan as trainer and an excellent team of parents, a team of young people who day to day are motivated to reach their goals, to be like or even better than their role model, their friend and coach Jose Alfredo “Little Devil” Zuniga before travelling, “Devil” had a meeting and dinner with the people of the boxing school “Roberto Almazán” who support him, who gave him the farewell and wish him well.

“I am very motivated to win, we did no come from so far to leave it in the dressing room”.

“the changed the game when the change dates, but honestly they don’t know what is coming, in my career it is not the first time a leave a party without the cake.”

“They will know me, and Devil will appear to Rossel on Saturday” he said.