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Mathysse is the new featherweight champion

Soledad Matthysse - Ogleidis SuarezArgentinean Edith Soledad Mathysse became the new World Boxing Association featherweight champion after defeating Ogleidis “La niña” Suarez by unanimous decision in the theatre Greek John Paul II, in San Martín, Mendoza, Argentina on Friday night.

The Venezuelan Suarez lost her featherweight belt after being widely bettered by the Argentina challenger Mathysse, who took the initiative at all times.

The new WBA queen had the approval of the judges who voted as follows: 100-90, 99-91, 97-93.

Mathysse was always attacking, taking Suarez to ropes and shortening the distance to punish the Venezuelan, she also deciphered the visitor from the very beginning of the ten-round-fight.

Suarez struggled hard during rounds six and seven, when Mathysse connected Suarez with two lefts hands, and felt bad and had to clinch and wait for the belt.