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Manuel Landero 90 years of constant struggle

Manuel Landero 90 years of constant struggle

Manuel Landero 90 years of constant struggle

In a troubled Panama because of the Kuna revolution of 1925, Manuel Landero Pérez was born in David, Chiriquí on June 17.

Three months before his birth, the Panamanians native signed a peace treaty after they were promised better treatment and more respect for their customs, they were offered protection and rights, as they deposed weapons and promised to abide State laws, withdrawing the declaration of independence he had made.

Landero was the son of Luis Perez and Isabel, a classic couple of the time and gave their son the best for his future, house training and education that led him to relevant public office.

He has gone from Deputy Director of the Electoral Tribunal, Regional Director of the Commerce and Industry, Provincial Director of the Sports Institute, Deputy Director of the Superintendence of Chiriqui Railroad and director of the General Services of the Ministry of Public Works of Chiriqui.

Manuel Landero Pérez joined the World Boxing Association in 1967. He supervised many title fights.

In addition, he was part of the protocol and awards committee of the CAC Games in 1970 and the Bolivarian Games of 1972.

He is always in pursuit of innovations and improvements for the WBA, he is part of the directory, and each year he produces a magazine with the summary of the WBA activities of the year to be distributed at the Convention.

He married to Blanca Miranda and is the father of Luis and Isabel, and he is still active. He refused to retreat from his daily activity, and to support the WBA in the decision-making.

Important member of the AMB Family, we wish health and happiness to Manuel Landero, Pride of Chiriqui.