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Maidana comig back to the US

Only a few days ago the future of WBA Interim Super Lightweight champion Marcos Maidana remianed a little uncertain, even though the WBA had ordered a mandatory fight against regular king Amir Khan. However, last Tuesday Maidana’s manager Mario Margossian reached an agreement with Khan’s new promoter Golden Boy Promotions in order to allow some time to build up that fight while the two boxers will keep active by walking separate paths, at least until the end of this year. Therefore, Maidana will put his portion of the title in the line next March 27 against WBA # 2 Víctor Cayó from Dominican Republic while Khan will most likely make a defense against Juan Manuel Marquez in May. “We got the best possible deal for Maidana after negotiations with Golden Boy Promotions. The goal was for Maidana to keep fighting at top level in the US and we now secured it. Eventually, a unification bout with Khan will be made this year, but we came to conclusion that we should build it up first as they both need to become more popular in the American market,” Margossian explained.

Maidana also commented on the situation.

“I wanted to face Khan as I wanna be the absolute champion. However, my manager broke a good deal for me, which allows me to establish myself in the US market thoughout 2010 and then, provided that everything goes well for me, take Khan or whoever is the champion at the time by the end of the year”, he said.

“Cayó seems to be a good opponent. He is unbeaten, fast and moves well in the ring. That’s why I’m already training hard for him since I respect him. I’ve been training in Argentina for the last three weeks and plan to travel to Las Vegas very soon to complete my preparation there, where my trainer Miguel Diaz is based,” Maidana added.

“I’m excite to be back fighting in the US, where I got my kickoff when I beat Victor Ortiz, last June. I know the road to the top is quite hard, but I’m willing to make any necessary efforts to keep my belt and to someday make a name for myself in the Mecca of boxing,” Maidana concluded.