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International Officials Seminar delivered

WBA INTERNATIONAL OFICIAL SEMINAR AT LIMAInternational Officials, directed by Luis Pabon, delivered its annual seminar for the 92nd Annual Convention being held in Lima, Peru.

Luis Pabon read a brief message about the Nicaraguan Enrique Portocarrero, who passed away victim of cancer. “He was a good man and official. So long Portocarrero”. Then he opened the Seminar.

Raul Caiz Jr. made the second presentation about “The importance of concentration during the judging work. It is necessary to be focused during the three minutes of each round”.

Caiz Jr. stated that boxing’s future depends not only on the next generation of boxers, but also in the referees and judges. “The decisions we make are of crucial importance for the success and future of this great sport.”
After the presentation, officials saw a few rounds of a fight to score them as exercise. They also presented a scoring test.

They also review of the performance of the referees in different videos shown to the audience.

The second part of the seminar was to introduce the consistency system and scoring card by Matt Podgorski.

Carlos Sucre closed the seminar and talked about ethics and judges’ performance during the fights.