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Liborio Solís: “My organization is the WBA, she gave me the opportunity”

Liborio Solis- My organization is the WBA- she gave me the opportunityWBA Press. May 14.  The super flyweight world champion of the World Boxing Association, Liborio Solis is already in Venezuela and upon his arrival stated he is ready to defend his title as many times as he can.
“My organization is the WBA, they gave me the opportunity and I will go to the end with them, if there is a unification opportunity, I will do it, however, I will always keep the WBA belt forever”.

When he thanked the reception party at Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas, he confesed he was very surprised for the reception, and said “My gratitud to all the journalists because thanks to them people know me. Thanks for coming to meet me. I was not expecting this welcome, I am surprised by my children, I did not expect so many people, so many photographer,” said humbly.

He recalled the journalist Jhonny Gonzalez who was murdered days before Solis vs. Kono title fight. “I am sad because one of the journalists is not here today, but that’s life. This belt is dedicated to him and my children.”
The champion says that his inmidiate plan is to buy a “good house for my children and my wife. Rest a bit and then defend in August again.”
There is no opponent yet, “there are some proposals but my manager is who decides who I fight with. One of the proposal is the rematch, they want it and and if they want it we will give it to them.”.

He pointed out that the rematch will be at the discresion of the WBA, “they have to make the official proposal and the directorate of the WBA will decide on that matter. If they want it they have to go the WBA and let them decide.”.

As of the fight he said “after the knock down, I thought about the seven reasons I have here,” meaning his children. All the sacrifice I make for them to end it in one round?, and I then Jhonny (González) came to my mind, and that had promised to bring this title.  All of this helped.”
Solis said that the performance of the referee “was excellent”.

He pointed out that his mental preparation “was important, because I was very frustrated by the problems I had with my passport before going to Japan. But thanks to Héctor Rodríguez -sports Minister-  who helped me”.
He made it clear that his next fight will be in Japan, no matter the opponent. “I am proven, I fight wherever they want and will demonstrate I am not afraid of public or any thing. I will fight in China if it is neccesary”.
He said that he would like tofight “Daiki Kameda, number two contender of my division, but we have to wait”.

He said that he will continue training in Panama, after this month rest in Venezuela.

“My trainers are there, besides boxing is abandoned here in Venezuela, sadly, we do not have enough support”. Then he was very adamant to say I am champion number 35 of Venezuela.”