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Liborio Solis defeated Daiki Kameda in Osaka

Liborio Solis vs Daiki Kameda

Liborio Solis vs Daiki Kameda. Photo Sumio Yamada

Venezuelan Liborio Solis defeated the Japanese Daiki Kameda by split decision on Tuesday at Colyseum Bodymaker, Osaka, Japan.

The fight was originally scheduled as World Boxing Association and IBF super flyweight unification, but Solis failed to make the required weight of 115 pounds so he lost the title on the scale.

However, the former world champion entered the ring to give everything in a battle to get the approval of the judges Joe Garcia and Valerie Dorsett 116-112 who voted in its favor, while Robert Hoyle saw Kameda win 115-113.

Regulation WBA
Rules 8 and 9 of the World Boxing Association of Rules of Contests were applied to the situation aroused in the Kameda vs Solis fight.

Rule 8 state that if a boxer fails to make the required weight limit at the official weighing, he shall have two (2) additional hours to make the prescribed weight. He shall make his best effort to reduce his weight accordingly.

While rule 9 refers to the penalization to be imposed to the boxer who fails to make weight after the two (2) additional hours given.

It specifies in its “d” section that should a champion fail to make weight after the additional two (2) hours period, he shall lose his title. If the challenger makes weight and wins the bout, he shall be crowned the new champion. However, if the champion did not make the weight and wins the fight, then, the title shall be declared vacant.

And, in its “e” section the rule makes clear that if the boxer fails in his effort to lose the extra weight, he shall forfeit 35% of his purse and will be distributed between his opponent and the promoter. Should he refuse to attempt to make weight during the two-hour extension shall forfeit 45%.