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Ioka, Miyasaki, Silvestre and Sithmorseng trained in Osaka

Ioka, Miyasaki, Silvestre and Sithmorseng trained in OsakaThe boxer fighting the main cards on Wednesday September 11 at the Bodymaker Colosseum Osaka, made a public training this weekend.

The first presentation was made by the World Boxing Association Minimum champion Ryo Miyazaki, and the flyweight champion Kazuto Ioka, and, Kwanthai Sithmorseng and the Interim minimum champion Jesus Silvestre trained on Sunday.

Miyasaki sparred for three rounds for the public delight and assured he did not have any problems with the weight; he is only two kilos away from the limit.

The champion, who is defending his title for the second time this year, said he is confident with his preparation to fight his mandatory contender Silvestre, to determine the absolute champion.

The same thing did Ioka, who showed his best conditions stating to be ready for his contender Sithmorseng.

The following day, former champion Sithmorseng, did not spar, he made shadows and punching bag. He said he is confident with his strength and his left hand with his experience he will dethroned Ioka.

On his behalf the Mexican Silvestre made some easy exercises instead of sparring, and said to ready to take any opportunity to end the fight by KO.

The fight Ioka vs Sithmorseng for the 108 pound, will be refereed by the Finnish Erkki Meronen and will be scored the Panamanian Ignacio Robles, Venezuelan Reina Urbaez and the Dutch Lahcen Oumghar.

The Dutch Lahcen Oumgha will referee the 105 fight between Miyazaki and Silvestre. Robles, Urbaez and Meronen.

WBA will sanction other 7 title fights in September