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Happy birthday José Emilio Graglia and Takeshi Shimakawa

happy_birthday_graglia-shimakawaToday, two valuable members of the World Boxing Association, our esteemed José Emilio Graglia, Member of the directory, and the Japanese Takeshi Shimakawa celebrate another birthday.

Graglia, has always been an allied and important member of the WBA family who was born in Argentina in 1937, and is devoted to Argentina’s boxing developement, specially his hometown Cordoba.

He has supervised more than WBA title fights, and he chairs the Cordoba Boxing Federation.

On his behalf, Shimakawa, was born in 1935 and became a boxing judge in 1968 joining the WBA in the 70’s, acting as judge and referee. He has acted in more than 100 fights, 40 of them WBA’s.

Both of them keep close tights with the WBA family, and are role model of respect and loyalty.

Congratulations to both WBA friends and allies.