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Half point will be used in Moreno vs Chacón

Moreno vs Chacon final press conference

Moreno vs Chacon final press conference. Photo Héctor Villareal

The World Boxing Association title fight between the bantamweight super champion of the world Anselmo “Chemito” Moreno and the Argentine challenger Javier Chacon to be held on March 22, at the Roberto Duran Arena, will be scored with half point system.

The Championship Committee announced the use of the half point system that was designed by the WBA to reduce the possibility of draws. The half point system is suggested in case of closed rounds difficult to score.

The referee of the fight will be American Russel Mora, and the judges in charge of scoring the actions are: Uriel Aguilera (Col), Alfredo Polanco (Méx) and Hernando Steidel (PR). Supervisor, Rodolfo Fortich (Col).