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Golden Boy inks Jorge Linares

Oscar De La Hoya announced the signing of what he termed a “very special fighter” – undefeated Jorge Linares, the undefeated, reigning WBA Super Featherweight champion. Linares defends his title October 10th in Japan against fellow unbeaten Juan Carlos Salgado for his current promoter and now co-promoter Akihiko Honda of Japan. After that defense in Japan, Linares will come defend his title in the United States under his “sole promoter” in the United States – De La Hoya.

De La Hoya said that he had trademarked his famous English moniker “the Golden Boy” – but failed to do so for the name in Spanish. Linares smartly took the Spanish name of his idol “El Nino De Oro”.

De La Hoya said that Linares was working feverishly on his English and will become a major star and add to his legacy by capturing more titles in the future. “He will fight the best fighters available,” he promised.

“I can’t wait to be in Las Vegas defending my title,” Linares said. “I am so honored to be standing next to my childhood idol Oscar De La Hoya. I will always be prepared and can’t wait to fight in the United States.”