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Everyone on the weight in Las Vegas

Everyone on the weight in Las VegasEverything is ready at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for the two WBA title fights on Saturday September 14, 2013 between super welterweights Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and the 145 pounds title fight of Danny Garcia and Lucas Mathysse.

After the last press conference, Canelo Alvarez told the media he was not concerned about the comments and criticisms he was victim of. “I’m used to it. People have always said I am not ready. They always say that my next fight will be my graduation. I wonder when the will stop saying that. ”

Meanwhile, Mayweather insisted that he is Canelo’s first relevant opponent.    “Canelo is 42-0 because he has not faced 42 Mayweather, if he had he would be 0-42” ended by saying “For me September 14 fight just is another fight, but for him, he will be facing Floyd Mayweather Jr “.

Many experts believe that the secret for a possible victory of the Mexican victory will be in recovery after weighing, and to get the opponent to the ropes.   However, others differ saying that Mayweather is very fast experienced who will not have any problems getting away from the young Aztec.

On his behalf, Mathyse and García just said that they will win the fight, and they do not expect it to go the limit. They are sure they will finish it by KO.

Canelo hit 152 lbs on the scale, while Mayweather 150.5

“I waas born ready” said the Mexican when asked about the fight. Mayweather said he was ready and said “I have the best trainer of the world, my faather”.

Mathysee stopped the scale at 140 pounds. García had to step on the scale a second time right after the first time to hit 140.